Poison Ivy

Joe immediately started itching tremendously. It turned out the vines inside the old reservoir were poison ivy, which he had been coated in and were rubbed all over his exposed arms, face, neck, and upper chest! Within hours, he was forced to take a bath in the bunkhouse and took to his bed in real pain. He told me, “I’ll tell you what. I was stove up there for about four days. I kept thinking, ‘I wish that calf had an inkling of what I had to go through for her.’ But I sure was glad to get Fern out of that muck. She could have died if I hadn’t happened on her like I did!”


Nowadays, the way to avoid injuring ones self or even getting sick is to hire a professional animal removal service. There was nothing like that back in Joe’s young days. But, now the right solution to the problem of an animal being trapped in any way is to call such a service and rely on their expertise and skill to rescue the animal in a humane and safe way. On a regular basis, these services save a lot of animals, a lot of grief, and certainly can do it without being harmed by something as simple as poison ivy. In the Chicago area, the best service I’ve ever heard of is All That’s Wildlife. ATW uses modern, safe techniques to rescue, remove, and relocate animals. And they use “Go Green” products that are completely safe for humans and animals in the process.